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Customers expect instant access to media on diverse screen types and operating systems.

In the age of mobile-first media consumption and convergence between Telecom Operators and Media companies, the ability to provide outstanding digital experiences has become critical to companies in media and entertainment.

LotusFlare Mobile Services
LotusFlare Mobile Services


Friction-free on-boarding


Remove friction in the registration and subscription flows to increase conversion rates and monetization across all digital channels.

Curation and audience targeting

Curation and
audience targeting

Leverage the power of Big Data to provide recommended offers, personalized to each one of your customers.

Audience Engagement


Integrate social media and influencer content to provide an authentic experience to your audience.

From smooth UX / UI to personalized recommendations and analytics, everything needs to work instantly and interchangeably across devices. This rapid migration to a multi-screen world requires Media & Entertainment companies to deploy new tools and frameworks.

LotusFlare Mobile Services
LotusFlare Mobile Services


Growth as a Service

Shorten ‘time to TV,’ remove friction in your sign-up flows, improve your trial-to-subscribe conversion rate. LEARN MORE

Contextual Engagement Platform

Deliver personalized offers linked to customer usage, top-ups, device type or demographics. LEARN MORE

Product Validation

Enhance the accuracy and velocity of your product development. LEARN MORE

Periscope Insights

Discover more insights about your target customers. LEARN MORE

Rewards and Referral

Drive customer loyalty and referrals with a world-class loyalty and reward engine. LEARN MORE

Central Data Platform

A data orchestration layer to create dynamic objects, provide customer insights and suggest next best actions. LEARN MORE

Streaming video and music

Streaming video and music

LotusFlare drives KPI impact with streaming media products.

Friction free on-boarding with high conversion rates
Personalized content recommendations across multiple devices
Fast time to TV using an agile IT stack


LotusFlare works with gaming companies including Supercell to improve user engagement and monetization.

Manage carrier billing with Google and Apple
Co-marketing campaigns to raise awareness and product usage in specific countries
Planning and execution of Telecom Operator partnerships globally

Digital Maturity Readiness

A few simple questions can help baseline your digital readiness and start a case for change. These questions uncover digital enhancement opportunities that LotusFlare’s products and services can quickly solve.

  • Are your customer on-boarding flows seamless, intuitive and free of friction?
  • Do you offer customers personalized content across web, apps and various devices?
  • How quickly can your subscribers find and play a program after login - “time to TV”?
  • Does your IT stack incorporate best practices used by leading Internet companies?
Digital Maturity Readiness