LotusFlare Life

LotusFlare Life

We come from different backgrounds, but driven by a common sense of purpose and bound by our unique culture!

LotusFlare life


“I joined LotusFlare when the company was very young. The Belgrade office had just been opened and there were only 5 of us in the local team. I have seen the product evolve before my eyes, and knowing that I had a lot to do with that is beyond fulfilling. What I value the most about working at LotusFlare is that my ideas are heard, I can talk to anyone openly and sincerely: from my peers to the CEO. On a daily level it is a great feeling working in a team who writes scalable and reliable code deployed with millions of users.”
Server Engineering Team Lead
“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion. It’s been a great opportunity to join LotusFlare as a Marketing professional as it has offered me the chance to grow by recognizing my abilities. One of the best things about the company is that people are really living the company mission, and their contribution is commendable. Working in LotusFlare makes me always display my creative side, while executing on the goals ahead of us. You’re not only here to do a job, you’re encouraged to make a difference.”
Marketing Manager
“What I especially like about working at LotusFlare are the people I get to interact with (colleagues and partners) on a daily basis and the exciting work we do to achieve our vision. As one of the first team members I’ve had the pleasure to work in all areas of our business from operations, delivery, sales, marketing, finance and so many other fun roles.”
Head of Operations
“I joined LotusFlare when they were setting up their team in the Asia region. Ever since it has been a great place to work at. The leadership supports and creates an environment which encourages growth and development. They conduct regular all hands calls which is a platform where they listen to our success stories as well as our suggestions. I feel empowered to do the right thing and have transparent communication. There is no limit or boundation to your ideas, if you want to take an initiative you get the necessary support & guidance from both your peers and management. Looking forward to exploring my potential and opportunities here.”
Asia Market Lead
I started my career at LotusFlare as an intern engineer as soon as I graduated from college. I was recommended by a friend who worked there at the time. “Come on over, we are a cool startup looking for new people willing to learn, we have flexible hours and paid lunch.” Two years later, I am very grateful that I was given this opportunity. I’m a part of a remarkable engineering team, bringing to life disruptive products that I can really see making an impact in everyday life.”
iOS Engineer

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Take a look at LotusFlare people in action
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