Customers expect smart, personalized digital banking services.

Services need to be delivered seamlessly with a five-star digital experience that drives customer loyalty and engagement. To succeed in the digital age financial services firms need more than just a basic website or an app.

Growth Platform

Shift the majority of routine transactions into your banking app and out of call centers.

Fraud & Risk Management

Use AI to differentiate fraudulent interactions from legitimate business transactions.

Churn Prediction & Modeling Analysis

Identify customers likely to churn and proactively engage them before it is too late.

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Monitor and recognize abnormal trading patterns.

LotusFlare Mobile Services
LotusFlare Mobile Services


App Stability and PerformanceApp Stability and Performance
Becoming a digital finance leader with a 5-star rated customer experience means having a partner with a holistic understanding of your app.
  • Cloud hostingCloud hosting infrastructure that auto-scales with redundancy and built-in resiliency.
  • Native app frameworksNative app frameworks for iOS and Android or a ‘cross-platform’ development framework such as Flutter and React Native.
  • Best-in-classBest-in-class server engineering and digital middleware components to enable fast and stable digital touchpoints.
Personalized digital banking services
Personalized digital banking services
  • Executives have a fact-basis for actionExecutives have a fact-basis for action, e.g. implementing programs to retain at-risk customers, especially the most valuable ones.
  • Our models predict churn with very high accuracyOur models predict churn with very high accuracy, e.g. marketing teams can deploy a customer retention program targeted at higher value customers and reduce churn by 5% or more.
Insights to Increase Customer LoyaltyInsights to Increase Customer Loyalty
LotusFlare builds models which help you predict when a customer is likely to churn, and then takes action to prevent your customer from closing their account.
Better UX and UIBetter UX and UI
To delight customers on digital channels, financial institutions need to combine best practices in user interaction and user experience design.
Better UX and UI
AI-powered analyticsAI-powered analytics
State-of-the-art APIsState-of-the-art APIs
Dynamic growth toolsDynamic growth tools


Unified Product Catalog

Create products, product bundles and define rules and eligibility criteria quickly and easily. A single point of truth for policies, features, and pricing. LEARN MORE

User Manager

Secure and flexible registration, login and single sign-on capability that integrates with your web and mobile apps. LEARN MORE

Contextual Engagement Platform

Deliver personalized offers linked to customer usage, top-ups, device type or demographics. LEARN MORE

Rewards and Referral

Drive customer loyalty and referrals with a world-class loyalty and reward engine. LEARN MORE

Periscope Insights

Discover more insights about your target customers. LEARN MORE


We built a churn prediction model based on machine learning for a large bank in Indonesia, which has 30 million retail customers across 5,000 branches. In less than six months, we gathered over 24 million data points and are now able to predict customer attrition at an individual level with over 80% accuracy.

Combined with personalized marketing offers to drive retention, we helped our client reduce customer attrition by 5% in the following quarters.

Digital Maturity Readiness

A few simple questions can help baseline your digital readiness and start a case for change. These questions uncover digital enhancement opportunities that LotusFlare’s products and services can quickly solve.

  • Are your digital customer journeys seamless, intuitive and free of friction?
  • Do you have a 360 customer view across channels and a churn prediction model?
  • Are all your decisions informed by insights derived from data?
  • Does your IT stack incorporate best practices used by leading Internet companies?
Digital Maturity Readiness